How to stop procrastination



One of these days I’m going to get help for my procrastination problem.

We’ve all had this thought once or maybe even twice today. Procrastinating always seems like the best idea until it’s close to midnight and your assignment is due in a couple minutes. It’s time to break the vicious cycle. Here are a couple tips to help you stop procrastinating once and for all.

Tip #1: Take it a few minutes at a time. 

If you only have 5 minutes to do a task then how would you go about doing it? If the task seems too large then just start by working on a small part of it. A few minutes might turn into a couple hours and then next thing you know you’re done with the task.

Tip #2: Get organized.

Try writing a to-do list and next to each item write how long you think it’ll take you. While you’re doing each task try to make it a fun game by sticking to the times you jotted down.

Tip #3: Eliminate the distractions around you. 

Time to run far away from the useless things that keep us from doing our work. If you know that Netflix is a distraction for you then make sure you’re not studying in a place with a television. You can also download apps that will block the use of distracting content. This would come in handy if you need to use your phone for research, but you can’t help checking your notifications of social media sites every two minutes.

Tip #4: Hold yourself accountable.

Tell others around you that you’re doing a certain task. You will more likely finish a task to prove to others that you accomplished it than yourself.

Tip #5: Ask for help.

If you know the task might be too much for you to handle then ask others for their assistance. You can ask another student, a tutor, or even your professor for their aid.

Tip #6: Give yourself a treat in the end.

Everyone likes a reward after accomplishing something hard. Why not treat yourself? Tell yourself that if you can finish this one task then you will get to see a movie at the theaters, or enjoy a nice hour break outside. Whatever the reward, be sure to make it something motivating.

We hope these tips help you become the student rockstar you were born to be! Keep up the great work!

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