Top 100 Research Topics


That dreadful moment when a teacher assigns a research paper in class and you have to pick the topic. What should you research? You don’t want to pick something that doesn’t interest you, but you want to seem intelligent for picking a relatable topic. Well before you pull out too much hair thinking this problem through, we have a solution for you. We’ve come up with our top 100 research topics and we’re pretty proud of it. Go through the list and perhaps a topic will strike your fancy.

StudyMode’s Top 100 Research Topics

  1. Are kids becoming smarter because of the Internet?
  2. Has digital downloading changed the music industry?
  3. Do alternative medicines really work?
  4. Can vaccines cause autism in infants?
  5. Where did humans originate?
  6. Can a person sleep too much? Sleeping disorders and their possible cures/treatments.
  7. Should students be able to grade their teachers?
  8. Can men and women really just be friends?
  9. Should college athletes be paid?
  10. How well do you think standardized tests measure your abilities?
  11. Do school grades really matter?
  12. Can technology make us more alone?
  13. Is online learning effective or should we stick to face-to-face learning?
  14. Are we spending too much time on our cell phones?
  15. How has cyber-bullying changed?
  16. Will robot technology change the way we live?
  17. At what age should a child be given a cell phone?
  18. Does reality TV promote dangerous stereotypes?
  19. Should parents vaccinate their children?
  20. How does gender inequality exist in today’s world?
  21. Is cheerleading a sport?
  22. Should we trust that our government is telling the truth?
  23. Should we change the drinking age in America?
  24. How has online dating changed relationships?
  25. What treatments are available to people infected with HIV and are they effective?
  26. Should we ban cigarettes in the U.S.?
  27. Should Marijuana be legalized?
  28. Should students take drug tests?
  29. Why is the American school system ranked lower than other countries?
  30. Are we complaining more in life than in past generations?
  31. Are school systems spending too much money on sports?
  32. Should schools teach more practical applications like doing taxes?
  33. Can life exist outside of Earth?
  34. Is it better to work at home or at the office?
  35. Should athletes be able to use steroids?
  36. Can the SAT really measure intelligence?
  37. Can classical music really improve grades?
  38. Was the use of the atomic bomb necessary or was it a justified pre-emptive strike?
  39. What effects did the 9/11 attacks have on high school seniors considering enlisting in the military?
  40. Who is responsible for airplane accidents?
  41. Does censorship actually increase curiosity and use of pornography?
  42. Should illegal immigrants be made legal citizens?
  43. Should we reform laws to make it harder to get a divorce?
  44. Should convicted felons have the right to vote?
  45. Should there be a constitutional amendment that allows gays and lesbians to legally marry?
  46. Should spanking be allowed?
  47. Does parental “tough love” really work?
  48. Can social media cause depression?
  49. Should models have a minimum weight limit?
  50. Should we legalize the sale of human organs?
  51. Does art therapy really work for patients in hospitals?
  52. Can mental illness play a role in creativity?
  53. Should the U.S. change a full work schedule to 4-days instead of 5?
  54. Is our criminal justice system racially biased?
  55. Should we have a harsher punishment for white collar crimes?
  56. Do you think copyright laws should be changed with the growth of technology?
  57. Is wind energy really that effective?
  58. Should teachers no longer teach cursive?
  59. Is it right to ban books from schools?
  60. Does American media present an accurate picture of Islam?
  61. Can pet therapy really work?
  62. Should high schools eliminate energy drinks?
  63. Can beauty be measure mathematically?
  64. Do beauty contest really serve a purpose in society?
  65. Do woodpeckers get headaches?
  66. How has pop stars changed the way we look at women?
  67. Who is responsible for school violence?
  68. Is the organization No Child Left Behind really working?
  69. Are kids better off being home schooled?
  70. How does a search engine work?
  71. How much weekly exercise is needed to achieve lasting health benefits
  72. What causes eating disorders?
  73. Should women get the right to choose an abortion?
  74. Is Alzheimer’s inevitable?
  75. What causes a person to become a hoarder?
  76. Should all schools have uniforms?
  77. Should there be better censorship on the internet?
  78. How can a person steal your identity?
  79. Should there be age restrictions for cosmetic surgery?
  80. What are the dangers of breast implants for teenagers?
  81. What are the punishments for cyberbullying?
  82. What are the punishments for doping in sports?
  83. How has pollution gotten worse?
  84. What efforts are being taken to protect endangered wildlife?
  85. Is global warming a hoax?
  86. What should the punishment be for women who kill abusive husbands?
  87. Do school lotteries actually benefit education?
  88. Should homosexuals have the same adoption rights as heterosexuals?
  89. Do states that allow citizens to carry guns have higher or lower crime rates?
  90. How has smartphones changed life?
  91. What may have occurred during the Roswell UFO incident of 1947?
  92. How did the rule of Julius Caesar affect Rome?
  93. How did journalists influence US war efforts in Vietnam?
  94. Should the U.S. change their welfare program?
  95. Will there ever be world peace?
  96. How does the prison population in America compare to other nations?
  97. Do we have a population problem in America?
  98. What are our privacy rights on the internet?
  99. Is there one true religion?
  100. Should we have less or more airport security?

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