The Essentials to a Great Dorm Halloween Party

Fall leaves are changing and pumpkin spice lattes are a plenty, sounds like Halloween is finally here. You decide this Halloween will be different from last – when you and your roommate just marathon on Freddy Krueger movies. Yes, this year you’re throwing the spookiest, pin-worthy Halloween party that will make all your guests turn up!

Where to start? First, you need a fantastic costume that will knock the socks off of your classmates. Second, the decorations have to be creepy but classy. Third, guest always love a little treat on Halloween so make sure you have some tasty snacks. With these three elements you’re ready for a monster mash!

Here are some ideas from Brittany Watson Jepsen, blogger for The House That Lars Built, to get you started:


Costumes are a must when it comes to a fun Halloween party, and the guest has to look the best. Here are some clever costumes that will impress any party attendee.

  • Axe Head Costume

Make people believe that you have a splitting headache with this headband. (Instructions)



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New Employee Alert: Ruben Custodio

StudyMode’s Frontend Development team doubled in size last month, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to now have 2 people concentrating on rolling out delightful user interfaces. Here’s our newest hire in his own words. Welcome Ruben!

Ruben C.
My name is Ruben Custodio and I am a Peruvian-American developer working out here in Los Angeles. I grew up in San Luis Obispo, CA and also attended Cal Poly SLO. I think of myself as a relaxed, down-to-earth guy who loves music and being active. I have played guitar for about 8 years and I find it relaxing to either play my favorite covers or just doodle around in E minor. My favorite sports are as follows: Snowboarding, Football, Soccer and Basketball. I played many sports growing up and I’ve always had a competitive edge. As a side note I am engaged to be wed in May of 2015 and I couldn’t be happier.

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