New Employee Alert: Jaryn Bunney


Our new social media manager: Jaryn Bunney

Jaryn’s been all over our social networks, interacting with both students and teachers on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.  One of her latest projects has been to get our Instagram feed up and running.  We are super thrilled to have her on the team.

Here’s an intro in her own words.

Born and raised in The Golden State, I love videography and old episodes of Seinfeld. I also live vicariously through my doppelgänger, Kirsten Dunst. You can find most of my tweets on Twitter are to Dunst. She has yet to respond, but I live for the day that she does! I daydream mostly about the day I can retire and become a furniture designer. So far I can make a crooked bookshelf and a shaky desk. Two essential pieces for any lovely home. I’m cute and funny, I’m Jaryn Bunney!




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