Introducing Folders!

We are proud to announce the introduction of Cram Folders! Over the past few weeks we have developed a solution to allow our users to intelligently group their flashcard sets in a meaningful way.

How do Cram Folders Work?

Cram Folders allow users to add structure to their flashcard sets and create folders for grouping of like sets.  You can add to your folders any flashcard set you own or one of the millions of public flashcard sets available on the site.  Basic users receive access to 2 folders while premium subscribers can use additional sets to further group their content. Upgrade to Premium today to get the most out of your account on

Access Anywhere

You can access your personal Cram Folders at any time by using the drop-down at the top of any page on  This will give you quick access to your folders no matter where you are.

CRF - Masthead


An Updated Dashboard Page

We’ve updated the dashboard page with a new structure to make way for our new folders.  Here you can see a list of all of your folders along with reference to the number of flashcard sets in each folder. Click in to any folder to see a full set of related flashcard sets.

CRF - Dashboard

By selecting the create new folder button you can quickly create a folder by adding a Title, Subject, Access (public and Private), as well as description.  If you wish to keep your folders hidden simply set access to private to hide throughout the site.

CRF - Add a Folder

Robust Folders

Once you have a folder created here you’ll be able to manage the descriptive information of your folder as well as add or remove flashcard sets. You’ll also be able to create a new set on the fly which will open the flashcard create page with that folder already associated.

CRF - Individual Folder

Managing with ease

Mange your flashcards and the folders that they are associated with ease while you create or edit flashcard sets.
CRF - Create : Edit

Individual Flashcard Page

Newly integrated on every flashcard page is a folder icon.  Select the icon to see the add to folders box and move any flashcard set to your folders.

CRF - Individual Flashcard


Once you select the folder icon you’ll see the add to folders page. Here you can add the flashcard set to one of your existing folders or create a new folder on the fly.

CRF - Individual Flashcard - Add Popup

Enjoy Cram Folders and as always please feel free to reach out to our team at for anything, we are always here and listening.

3 responses to Introducing Folders!

  1. plz connect cram apps with cram desktop account in any kind of editing in both apps and desktop account. also the functions are quite different in those two types. need to include some more functions like printout a copy which word i know and automatically can form a different flash card set from those flashcards i know and i donnt know


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