Why StudyMode?

Some background first.  StudyMode is a global education company that was founded by regular, Midwest guys who struggled in school. Today, we help more than 90 million visitors a month. Our students range from pre-schoolers to MBA students and come from countries like Russia, India and the US. People tell us “I wish I had StudyMode when I was in school”.

So how does StudyMode pertain to you?  Think about your classroom, and how you glean ideas and inspiration from your peers by discussing different ideas and exploring different theories.  We’re the digital version of that experience. We are a platform of ideas and research uploaded by your peers across the globe.  So if you’re looking for perspectives on the growth of the internet or what the effect of WWII was on the European economy, we have documents that cover those topics and more.

How do I get started?

Researching on StudyMode is incredibly easy.

  1. Start with a search. Simply type in the topic or key word you need to research.
  2. My best practice tip: Go through the first few pages of search results, and Save Documents that look interesting. (This does require a registration). When you visit your dashboard you’ll find all of the documents you just saved under “Saved Documents.”
  3. Choose how you want to view your research. For most of our papers, we have two options. The PDF version will show you graphs and images within the document. The other option will show you only the text.
  4. If you are old school like me, I like to download the documents so I don’t have to depend on wi-fi to access them.  I find that printing them out is helpful too as I can highlight and take notes on top of the paper itself. Both of these features require a premium membership
  5. After I’m done with my research and start the writing process, the ‘Cite this Esssay’ widget is especially useful for me to cite my resources properly. For your convenience, we offer the citation in four different formats.
  6. Pay it forward. Now that your paper is complete, let others learn from you. Upload your paper to the StudyMode platform you so you can help other students.
  7. And don’t forget to rate the papers that you’ve used.

Before you dive in, there’s one more important thing we need to discuss: academic integrity.

We do not support or condone plagiarism. For any resources that you find on StudyMode, we strongly suggest citing the paper within your footnotes/bibliography which is conveniently located at the bottom of all our papers (or you can go to our sister site, cite.com to format any type of reference in three different formats).


Betina Chan-Martin | Product

Betina enjoys exploring Los Angeles with her hubby and daughter. She’s an art and food enthusiast, the sole StudyMode Canadian, and a former swimmer. She lives and breathes product and technology with specific interest in education, media, and social tech. She graduated from the College of William & Mary with a B.S. in Computer Science, but credits her stints at Amazon and Hulu for her technology bug.

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