Studying LA’s City Lights

Here at StudyMode we are quite a diverse team yet share many common hobbies in occupying our time outside of the office. Photography being one of them, a group of us recently ventured to downtown Los Angeles for a night shoot. Heading to the Los Angeles city-center we were on the hunt for the abundant and dramatic light of the skyline as well as just getting out of the office together.

Our first stop of the night was the 110 overpass to capture the streaking lights of cars below and the glow of the rising buildings in the distance. The overpass at 4th street is a well known photographer’s vantage point where you can find people taking the iconic slow shutter shot most nights. After successfully capturing the area we ventured next to the Department of Water Works building found across the street from the Disney Concert Hall and Dorthy Chandler Pavillion. Highlighted in many a feature film and TV series, the building’s surrounding ponds and water features provide a dramatic foreground to the skyscrapers of the financial district. After about two hours on the streets we dispersed to recharge for another day in the office.

More than capturing a few beautiful shots, nights out like this allow us to break down silos between different teams and all work on a common goal. We’ll make this a recurring series and team outing.  More to come from future team building photo shoots, check out a few of the featured photos captured below.


Jeff Shelton | Product

Jeff is an avid golfer, former film producer, bow-tie wearing karaoke singer, traveler, photographer, and overall tech nerd. He is focused on providing best in class tools for student success, strategizing new and creative solutions, and following products that don’t exist yet.

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