Quiz: What Type of College Student Are You?

Do you deserve a gold star for effort in your classes, or are you more of a slacker who barely gets by? Take the quiz to find out!

Quizzes can be stressful and some can definitely be day-ruiners. You probably get quizzes and pop-quizzes in some of your classes all the time, but it’s time for a more relaxed quiz here at StudyMode.com.

Answer these 5 multiple choice questions and add up your total score from the quiz to determine what type of student you are. Before you take the quiz, think about some of your studying and academic habits. Do you think you’re a Superstar, Consistent Achiever, or Supreme Slacker? Answer the questions and find out your results below! Good luck!



1.   Where do you find yourself studying most often? You’re…

A.     In a quiet corner of your University’s library.

B.     Outside with Frisbees flying around your head.

C.     In a frat house watching football- what’s studying?

2.   When you take notes, what does your notebook or paper look like?

A.     Neat and organized by date and each class topic discussed.

B.     Scribbles written furiously here and there but still an organized chaos.

C.     A four-year-old’s art project that needs to be hung on a refrigerator somewhere.

3.   When you bring your computer to class you…

A.     Log onto the class website and follow along with the presentation.

B.     Mostly pay attention and take notes, but occasionally play computer games.

C.     Spend the class period chatting with your friends through Facebook status comments back and forth.

4.   If your teacher doesn’t keep track of attendance you…

A.     Go to class everyday regardless of the attendance policy to make sure you learn the material.

B.     Make sure to notify the teacher anyway if you’re going to be gone for an acceptable reason.

C.     Don’t bother showing up except to take tests and turn in research papers.

5.   To prepare for class you usually…

A.     Put assignments in a daily planner and make sure to complete assigned readings before each lecture.

B.     Read over the material being covered if you are early for class that day.

C.     Completely forget to read ahead and beg a classmate for the highlights before the teacher walks in.


So, how did you score? If your answers were:

  • Mostly A’s, then you can consider yourself a SUPERSTAR STUDENT! You show up to class early, read class materials, and are responsible when it comes to succeeding at school. Keep up the great work.
  • Mostly B’s, then you can consider yourself a CONSISTENT ACHIEVER! For the most part you do a good job of keeping up with school work and make sure to pay attention in class. Sometimes you slack off, but you’re still doing well in your classes. Great job!
  • Mostly C’s, then you can consider yourself a SUPREME SLACKER! Picking up a book before class, or even after class, is completely foreign to you and you rarely show up unless it’s required. Keep using StudyMode to get you started in the right direction and check out these study tips to improve your habits. Shape up!


What did you think of the quiz? Have any suggestions for other quizzes you’d like to take? Do you agree with your score? Share your thoughts below!



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