Standing Out to Online Recruiters

If you’re already looking for a job or even thinking about getting started in the near future, you might have a tough road ahead. The job market is ever-changing and unless you have a highly skilled and sought after degree, standing out from other candidates is paramount to your success in getting hired. Social media as well as technology in general have both changed the landscape when it comes to how employers search for and hire potential candidates. Although it was never an ideal approach, pulling up jobs online and sending out mass applications is becoming an even less effective strategy.

According to a New York Times article, the questions of online visibility and searchability are becoming extremely important when employers begin looking to fill open positions. Barbara Safani, the owner of Career Solvers, indicates that many companies looking to hire aren’t bothering to post jobs, but rather are doing a more pro-active search for available candidates themselves. If this is the case, then not being visible to potential employers online is extremely damaging to your ability to land the position you are searching for.

In order to remedy the potential doom of falling into the black-hole of online invisibility, Safani recommends that you invest time in beefing up your online presence. To do this, you want to make your name a “magnet for search engines.” You can broadcast your skills and experiences on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to boost your professional reputation. You could consider using YouTube as a way to publish professional speeches or presentations you’ve given.  An employer that stumbles across your name and sees a professional speech you’ve given might give you an edge over some of your competition. More and more companies are turning to social media platforms to advertise open positions with the idea that “followers” of their company are a good networking pool to pull from.

Whatever method you use to become more visible online, make sure you keep in mind the ramifications. Broadcasting your personal Facebook page means opening recruiters up to seeing all aspects of your history. You might not want your photos from “Cancun Spring Break” to pop up on potential employers screen. Keep your privacy settings in mind and if you decide to open your profile up, make sure your page is completely professional at all times.

Do you take advantage of social media platforms to search for jobs? Have you landed a job using social media? Do you have strict privacy settings on your profiles? Share your experiences and thoughts below!


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