White Elephant Gift Ideas

White elephant celebrations are a fun part of the holiday season. Even more importantly, with shallow pockets and rising tuition costs, white elephant parties are an inexpensive way to celebrate with a large or small group of your friends. White elephant parties aren’t necessarily limited to you friends either. If you work a job to give you extra beer money or maybe to help pay for books, you could always arrange a white elephant party with some of your more jovial co-workers.

Keep in mind that the present you bring to the white elephant party should be tailored to the group you’re celebrating with.  Showing up with shot glasses or eatable underwear probably isn’t appropriate with your co-workers, but could be funny with light-hearted friends. Although the price range for gifts varies, usually the price cap for gifts is around ten bucks, so no need to break the bank. Be creative and have a sense of humor- white elephant parties are supposed to be laid back and enjoyable! Check out the five white elephant gift ideas below:

Small Plant

Who doesn’t love a little green in their life? Maybe a Chia Pet or some sort of small fern could be funny. A plant is a great way to liven up a dull dorm room and it gives your friends a chance to flex their green thumbs.

Framed Photo

How funny would it be to snap a picture of yourself, put it in a frame and give it to one of your friends? Everyone will know who gave the gift, but it’s bound to get a few laughs. You can find a picture frame for cheap, and if you’re feeling artsy you could even decorate a frame yourself.

Singing Stuffed Animal

A gorilla singing “Hunk of Burning Love,” a Chihuahua singing “La Bamba,” or any other animal singing any other song will definitely be a winning combination. Although not a useful present later on, it’ll be fun to open and listen to- especially later in the night once more drinks are involved.

Gift Card

A gift card isn’t a gag-gift, per say, but it definitely will be a gift that’s fought over. Because the price cap isn’t supposed to be high, make sure you get a gift card to someplace that your money will go far. For example, you could do some money to a coffee shop on campus, a fast food place in town, or maybe just ten bucks in cold hard cash.

Edible Goodies

People love to eat, especially during the holidays. If you are good at baking, go ahead and whip something up yourself. Otherwise pick out something that you think your friends would enjoy. Chocolate dipped strawberries? Basket of muffins? The sky is the limit so be creative.


Have a gift idea for a white elephant party? Have you ever been to a white elephant party? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment box below!



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