Which VMA winner is your inspiration?

Last night MTV had what it calls the biggest night of the year, the Video Music Awards. Everyone’s favorite musical acts were there including Paramore, B.O.B., Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj. Musicians have always served as idols for their fans using their popularity to reach millions of people. Often times their art serves as an emotional purpose to help fans find love, have fun, or even just get through the day. It is hard to say exactly why people love their favorite so much, but pop culture has dictated that they do indeed have a voice. Which musician or artist has inspired you the most? Which one would you want to write a paper on? Here are some examples of artists with papers already written about them: The Beatles, Tupac, Panic at the Disco, Madonna, and many more.

Usually, the VMA’s provides some sort of newsworthy item of a scandalous proportion, but last night was relatively lame in comparison to past years. However, there were some really great performances and moments.

Lady Gaga was the big winner of the night winning best pop, female and video of the year awards. As always, she dedicated her award to her Little Monsters. It is also apparent that Eminem’s comeback is in full swing with him winning the best R&B and male video awards. Justin Bieber even won the Best New Artist award.

My favorite performance of the night by far was Florence and the Machine. The performance of the Dog of Days are Over was romantic and intricate creating a great sense of whimsy to a night pack with rap music. Check it out below!

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