Top 10 Reasons to Take Summer Classes

Summer classes always seem like such a drag. While your friends are worry-free, partying and hanging out at the beach, you are in class or studying. Well, as it turns out, Summer classes are becoming more and more common.  Why not take your studying to the beach for some time in the sun? If you are currently taking Summer classes then you most likely already know some of these benefits.  However, if you are not in Summer classes, here are the top 10 reasons you should be:

1.  Taking classes that are difficult to get into during the year.

2.  The classes are usually intensive lasting only a short time to get the same credits.

3.  Smaller class sizes allow you to meet more people.

4.  Developing a better relationship with your professor.

5.  Opportunity to take classes at an affiliate college even if you aren’t a student there.

6.  Less distractions like football games, parties, and other school events.

7.  Taking advantage of a good living situation for the year while everyone else is at home.

8.  Not moving back in with your parents over the Summer.

9.  Being in the habit of going to class and studying when school starts in the Fall making it less rough to get back into the swing of things.

10.  Taking less credits during the year to lighten your workload.

Are you taking Summer classes? Share your thoughts on the advantages of taking classes during the Summer!

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