Shopping For Items in Your Dorm Room

Use a rusted or old cookie sheet as a magnetic display board. Saves money and resources!

“Living green” doesn’t necessarily imply that you have to stop writing your research paper, move out of your dorm, paint your face with Earthy colors and go live off the land somewhere. In fact, simply being conscious of your resource consumption while living your day-to-day life can literally make a world of difference.

Recycling is an important aspect to living a more sustainable lifestyle, and it doesn’t only include putting your plastics in the correct bin down the hallway in your dorm. Recycling can also include finding new uses for unneeded or unwanted materials already at your disposal. For example, instead of going shopping for a new item right away, take some time to think of an innovative way to use unneeded resources you already have in your dorm room to serve different purposes. Check out the five suggestions below for some inspiration on how to shop around your dorm room for new items!

  • Magnetic Display Board: Have an old cookie sheet you don’t want anymore? You could flip it over and mount it on your wall to use as a magnetic place to display reminders for essays and papers coming up.
  • Paper Snowflakes: Don’t open a new pack of paper- instead, grab a stack of old advertisements from around campus or a stack of out-of-date college newspapers, and make your snowflakes out of them!
  • Greeting Card Gift Tag: Save used greeting cards you’ve received from loved ones to use again as gift box labels. Cut out a matching portion of the greeting card down to a good size and attach to the gift. It fits nicely into your college budget!
  • Sunglasses Holder: Do you have a rogue mitten without it’s other half? Lost one on your way to class one day? Instead of shopping for a new sunglasses holder, just put your sunglasses in the single mitten. A match made in recycling heaven!
  • Hair clip holder: Instead of shopping for new hair bands every week because you’ve lost them, save the end of an old toilet paper roll to use as a holder. It will fit easily in a drawer or on the counter and saves you time looking for hair ties, barrettes, clips, and more.

Do you have any additional suggestions of new uses for items you’ve found while shopping around your dorm room? Share your thoughts in the comments below!




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