Roommate Gift Exchange Ideas

Last week we talked about ideas for White Elephant Gifts, but after that’s over you might still need some ideas for gifts to give your other friends. If you live in a dorm where your whole hall is friendly, it might be fun to put all the names in a hat and draw out a name for a secret Santa exchange. You would set a price limit, and then everyone would buy a gift for the person who’s name they drew. Buying a gift for your roommate is always a sweet gesture around the holidays, especially if you’re hard to live with. Maybe you’re disorganized or you have wacky sleeping habits and giving your roommate a gift can be a mini peace offering. If you live in a small university town and can’t make it to a store easily, or just have a small budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t give your roommate something thoughtful. Check out the ideas below for some creative gifts you can give your roommate!

1. Coupons

Who doesn’t love free money? Clipping coupons seems to be all the rage on TV these days, and rightly so. Coupons can save money on things you were already planning on spending money for. Maybe your roommate shops at a specific grocery store, so you clip and organize coupons for him/her to use on the next shopping trip. You could also make your own coupons and label them with things you’ll do for your roommate. For example, “This coupon is good for 3 free loads of laundry.” If you have a lot of stairs in your dorm to get to the laundry room, your roommate is certain to be pumped!

2. Basket of Favorite Things

Does your roommate have a favorite sports drink or soda they always drink? Or maybe your roommate eats a specific cereal before class every morning? You could make up a basket with several different favorite items of theirs. You can find baskets for cheap at your local craft store, or if you don’t have one of those in your college town you could always ask the bookstore if they have extra boxes available.

3. Lottery Tickets

If you’re old enough, and it’s legal in your state, lottery tickets make fun gifts. You could buy several different scratch-off lottery ticket varieties and have fun watching your roommate’s face light up at the possibility of big cash. Who knows, if your roommate hits the big prize, you could always find yourself getting back much more than you spent in the first place! Oh the possibilities!

Do you have a great gift idea for your roommate? Did you already gift your roommate an awesome gift? Share your thoughts and comments in the box below!


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