Rejected by College Admissions? Here’s How to Cope

You’ve spent hours working on the application. You’ve edited, redrafted and agonized over it, and then you sent it off with hopeful glee. You waited patiently by the mailbox everyday hoping to receive the fat acceptance package from your dream college and then finally a letter comes. You quickly open it only to find out your dreams have been crushed and you’ve been rejected by the admissions department. OUCH!

Like any other student who has gotten one of these painfully blunt letters in the mail, you spend the next several hours and days trying to figure out what the heck you did wrong. Was it your grades? Did you forget to spell check the application? No matter how many times your parents tell you that “it’s probably for the best,” your dreams were just crushed and you’re not hearing it. Here are some tips to help you deal with your college rejection letter.

Scream, stomp your feet, and go wild.

The truth is, you’ve been rejected and rejection hurts. Pretending that it’s fine won’t dull the pain and it certainly won’t change the outcome. Take a deep breath, smash your head in your pillow and scream it out. Pound your fists, stomp your feet and do any other wild body movement that helps let out the aggression. Taking a long run or doing a hard workout will help release some of the tension as well. If you are a crier then you can certainly feel free to let it out that way too. Have your pity party for a while and allow yourself to process what just happened.

You aren’t alone.

Even though you’re feeling terrible, you should know that you definitely aren’t alone. It may feel like you’re the only one in the world to have your dreams crushed but there are tons of other students who have been rejected as well. There has to be comfort in knowing that there are plenty of other students going through what you are going through. Think about sharing the rejection letter with a few of your close friends and talk about their rejection letters. Misery loves company!

Pick up the pieces and focus on a new goal.
You probably have cycled through several aspirations in your life. Many kids say they want to be astronauts or maybe a circus clown. As a teen you might want to be an actor or maybe a doctor. The point is that dreams can change and they do change. Just because you didn’t get into your dream school doesn’t mean that it was the only place for you. Once you find a place that fits you will make it your own and come to love it even more. Get out there and dream even bigger.

Have confidence in yourself.

Although getting a rejection letter might seem like a glaring statement that “you’re not good enough,” you must realize that it isn’t the case. A college only has so many spots to offer- which means that if 100 students have the perfect grades and qualifications to get in, but there are only 75 spots, then 25 perfect candidates will be denied. There are an infinite number of great universities that would be thrilled to have your skills and talent. You want to go somewhere that appreciates what you have to offer! Keep your chin up and keep up the search. You’ll find where you were meant to go all along!

Have you received a rejection letter? How did you cope with it? Do you have any suggestions for students who have received rejection letters? Share your experiences below!



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