Four Loko Banned from College Campus

We’ve all done the alcoholic energy drink routine whether it be a Redbull vodka or a Sparks. Deep down we know it’s not the best mixture but hey, it gives you that little kick when all that beer is making you sleepy. Nevermind that color your tongue changes hinting you might turn into a teenage mutant ninja turtle or that you black out on every occasion because the energy and buzz are worth it. Well, a new alcoholic energy drink is getting some press for being banned on college campuses called Four Loko aka “Blackout in a can”. The 23.5 oz beverage contains 12% alcohol, is fruit flavored and is less than $3 a can. While this might seem like a dream come true to students, you might want to hold off on the Four Loko in favor of a beverage that isn’t so potent and likely to sneak up on you.

With energy drinks, you tend not to feel the effects of the alcohol until the caffeine wears off, causing you to feel alert and believing you are capable of drinking more.  The result is not pretty and you can read first hand accounts on the Facebook page called four lokos are blackouts in a can and the end of my morals. One New Jersey college has banned the drink after a spike in hospitalizations related to alcohol intoxication since the start of the Fall semester.

According to NPR:

After students at northern New Jersey’s Ramapo College were hospitalized last month after drinking Four Loko, the college president ordered that it and similar drinks be banned — and he’s encouraging other colleges and the state to follow suit.

The FDA is looking into the ingredients and rules regarding drinks with alcohol and caffeine. For the time being, I recommend going with something a little less dramatic so you at least remember your night.

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