Father’s Day Gift Ideas

You have less than a week to grab a great gift for the main father figure in your life and thank him profusely for all he’s done for you- whether it be helping you write essays, solve math equations, or parallel park. If you don’t have a ton of extra money to throw around, you could make your own present or card. Regardless, here’s a list of fun items your dad would likely appreciate: 

1. Massaging Bed Rest:

Nothing says “thank you for all you do” like a massage, and being able to have one while still in the comfort of your own home is just icing on the cake. Your father will definitely appreciate how the ultra-plush, soothing massage bed rest relieves his sore muscles.

2. Personalized Gifts:

Most of us enjoy seeing our name printed on cool things, and it’s likely that your dad is no different. You can get him a personalized retro-style sign to hang in his workshop, or maybe buy some personalized golf balls for him to use on the course.

3. Beer:

If your father is a beer lover, you could invest in a beer of the month club. This would allow him to try a variety of lagers and would allow you to thank him for helping you with your homework over the years. If he is more of a do-it-yourself type of guy, you could get him a home brewing kit like the one found on Gifts.com.

4. Grilling Tools:

A great grill is nothing if you don’t have the correct tools to go along with it. Get your dad a sweet set of grill equipment to further boost his love of cooking outdoors. You get to benefit from this gift too when you take a break from writing your summer school papers and go home for some fresh BBQ.

5. Landscaping services:

Although pushing a lawn mower can help your dad’s health, he probably isn’t too thrilled about cutting the grass every single week. Give him a break and get a landscaping service to come and take care of it. He will certainly appreciate the extra relaxation and nap time.

Have an awesome Father’s Day gift idea that you would like to share with others? Post your comments below!

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