Family Survival Guide

Chances are good that you’re still on break and enjoying the peaceful escape from research papers and college drama. Chances are also good that you’ve spent entirely too much time stuffing your face and dodging your awkward aunt Hazel, who insists on talking about her gout flare-ups. Use the suggestions below to keep yourself sane and survive your family’s shenanigans.

Keep Sweets Nearby.

Holidays with your family means food will be all around you. Having sweets in close proximity is a good thing, though- especially when you find yourself having a difficult time keeping quiet after the tenth ignorant comment flies out of your uncle’s mouth. Smile kindly, turn to the sweets, and choose a molasses cookie to shove in your own mouth.

Schedule No-Cellphone Time.

Yes, your family knows that you miss all of your college friends. Yes, your family knows you are addicted to updating your Facebook timeline. You’ll be surprised to find out that what happens online will actually still be there when you’re done spending time with your family. Scheduling some serious no-cellphone time will make your parents extremely happy, and it’s the least you can do considering they probably still pay most of your cellphone plan. Re-connect with distant cousins, or ask your grandparents about their holiday traditions when they were little. You’ll thank yourself later.

Be an Awesome Story Teller.

Nobody, your family included, wants to hear about the boring details of your organic chemistry final exam. For conversation topics, come up with some fun things you’ve been doing at school. Are you on any intramural sports teams? Are you a member of any interesting clubs? Family member eat that stuff up like warm snickerdoodles right out of the oven. They love to hear about things offered these days that weren’t available back in their own college days. Getting a good conversation going will make the holiday break go by faster and will get you back to your friends that much sooner!

Do you have a survival tip for long breaks with family? Share your suggestions in the comment box below!


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