Do You Need Caffeine to Survive College?

No matter how much time in advance you are given to study for an exam or write that paper, you always seem to procrastinate until the night before. We’ve all been there. To get through those all-nighters cramming for a test or finishing up a paper, most students rely on caffeine. Whether its coffee, soda or an energy drink; caffeine is essential for most college students. In the past few years, drinks like 5-hour energy drink, claiming to not give you the “crash” you experience from other sources of caffeine, have become more and more popular. Some students even take prescription drugs like Adderall to survive all night study sessions.

However, not all college students rely on caffeine. According to ABC News:

BYU is a dry campus — and we’re not just talking about alcohol. Caffeinated beverages aren’t sold on campus either. When asked why BYU doesn’t sell caffeinated drinks, school spokesman Joe Hadfield said, “It’s simply based on our customers’ expectations.”  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints owns the school and in 2009, 97 percent of the student body were Mormon.
For students at BYU who do drink caffeine, they don’t have to go far to get it. According to [Suzanne] Whitehead, “right across the street at the 7-Eleven you can buy a coke.”  But that isn’t a purchase she plans on making, even with a busy fall schedule, she’ll just run a few miles each day instead.

Of course, it’s not just BYU students who avoid caffeine. Chad Birt, a 22-years-old Arizona State University graduate, avoids coffee and soda while studying because it makes him feel jittery.  He said he became familiar with all-nighters in college but listening to music helped him focus and remain alert. Electro music worked best for him because of the “good vibes and killer beat.”

Chase Olsen, a junior studying natural resources at Montana State University, also recommends playing music but he needs more than good tunes to stay awake. “If I did homework for three hours straight in
the night, I would fall asleep. I need to walk around and keep stimulated,” said Olsen.

There you have it: some students surviving college without caffeine. Though this may not be the general consensus on campus, take a look around next time you are pulling an all-nighter and see if some students manage to do it without an energy drink or coffee or in sight.

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