College in Florida Welcomes Smithsonian Exhibit

The traveling Smithsonian exhibit, “Beyond: Visions of Planetary Landscapes,” will be on display in the Webber Gallery at the College of Central Florida until mid-September. There isn’t a planetarium in the area and the gallery coordinator of the Webber, Michele Faulconer, says that hosting the exhibit is an honor. Michael Benson, an artist and filmmaker, assembled nearly 60 photos of neighboring planets taken since the 1960′s. All of the photographs were captured by deep-space probes and other devices with attached cameras, such as the Voyager, Viking, Mars Rovers and Galileo traveling at speeds of 35,000 miles per hour. 

The exhibit debuted in 2008 and has traveled across the nation to places including:Tucson, Cleveland, Chicago, and California. Benson compiled the images from massive archives of photos sent back to Earth from deep-space probes and other camera-laden pieces of technology. Some of the photos have never been seen by the public before because he retrieved them from deep archives captured by five decades of missions. Benson himself says that he “[views] the photographic legacy of these missions as being a chapter in the history of photography.” The exhibit definitely blends both science and art together into a cohesive blend. The gallery is offering a family night for people to star gaze and have hands-on time with telescopes for those living nearby enough to visit. Admission to the exhibit is free, and it’s open all week except Sunday and Monday.

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