Auto Tune the News: Bed Intruder Antoine Dodson on iTunes Becoming a Hit

I couldn’t resist any longer. I first heard the auto-tuned version of Antoine Dodson’s news rant about a month ago. Now, the song is climbing up the iTunes charts and is all over the internet. If you haven’t heard the story, Antoine Dodson walked in on an intruder in his sister, Kelly’s, bedroom and he escaped. In the newscast, Antoine warns everyone and the intruder that “We gon find you” and to “hide your kids, hide your wife”. ¬†The auto-tuned version of the news is quite catchy and The LA Weekly details:

That’s right, for $1.29, you can own a copy of already iTunes¬†chart-climbing hit (#35) by Antoine Dodson and the Gregory Brothers featuring Kelly Dodson, of course, the potential victim of the attempted sexual assault that, um, inspired the entire thing.

The Gregory Brothers are the skinny dudes (and chick) behind the viral TV news spoof, and this isn’t their first iTunes sale.

Bed Intruder Song on iTunes

Luckily Antoine and his family are benefiting from the viral video and song. According to ABC News:

He declined to say exactly how much money he’s made from the video and his new celebrity. But between a PayPal account on his website, which lets people donate to help his family, his merchandise and YouTube ad sales (the Gregory brothers split the earnings 50-50), he said he’s made “a nice amount of money.”

I can definitely say that the video or song has played more than a few times in my presence and it isn’t getting old. Have you heard the song or if you already have, what do you think?

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