5 Tips on Tailgating this Season

Football season has officially kicked off, which means it is tailgating season! Yes, that pastime which allows you to enjoy great company while supporting your favorite teams by congregating before the event to drink and gorge on greasy food has returned. Nothing is better than arriving to the game early, hanging out with friends under a tent or in a parking lot and sharing the joy with other fans nearby. It’s easy to tailgate, in reality all you need is friends, drinks, and a place, but take a look at these following tips to make your tailgate experience out of this world:

5. Arrive early- Securing your spot near the stadium is crucial. The farther away you are,the less action there will be. A close locale will assure that you a part of the action and get to the game on time.

4. Get your drink on-Many times stadiums do not allow you to bring alcohol into the stadium and if they do it is ridiculously expensive! So, when it comes to deciding on what to drink, it is really up to you. Each person has their own preference. What is important is to make sure it is weather appropriate i.e. hot for cold weather or cold for hot weather. Also, make sure you bring enough to last and share with friends.

3. Eat good food- The food can make or break a tailgate. The best kind of foods are ones that are easy to prepare and can be eaten on your feet. There are seldom places to sit, so the easier you can make the food to eat, the better. Good suggestions are veggie dips, the regular barbecue fare, and chips and salsa. It also fun to pair your food with the beverages you bring.

2. Look the part- Tailgating is a reason to celebrate and support the team you love, so you have to make sure your apparel matches the atmosphere. Wear the colors of the team loud and proud with symbols all over your body. There is nothing worse than being that one lone wolf in the pack that isn’t matching. It will make it seem like you just don’t care.

1. Bring good company- The most important thing when it comes to tailgating is to make sure that you have good company. You want to assure that you will have a good time, so it key to only invite people who are down for the party as well. Tailgating should be a fun atmosphere where you get amped up before the game starts. Bringing Debbie downers will just end up ruining your good time.

Even if you aren’t headed to a football game, you can tailgate before going out, a big sporting event or even a concert. Basically, it is just a time where you can bond with your friends while enjoying a common interest. Tailgating can be fun, but make sure you get all of your work done before the game with help from of course, studymode.com.

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